It’s easy?

It’s easy to be a Hindu and criticise Islam.
It’s easy to be an Indian and talk about Baluchistan.
It’s easy to be an American and bash Israel.
It’s easy to be a man and criticise Feminism.
It’s easy to be a communist and criticise capitalism.
It’s difficult to be a Hindu and criticise Hinduism.
It’s difficult to be a Muslim and criticise Islam.
It’s difficult to be an Indian and talk about Kashmir.
It’s difficult to be a Pakistani and talk about Baluchistan.
It’s difficult to be an American and criticise Americanism.
It’s difficult to be a man and criticise patriarchy.
It’s difficult to be a communist and criticise the left.

The thing about constructive criticism is that it has to come from inside of the system to have a positive impact or else it is often dismissed as allegations and hate speech.
De Omnibus Dubitandum!

Suicide and Murder

Farmer forced to sell his harvest at an unbelievably low rates.
Consumer forced to buy edibles at an unbelievably high rates.
Who’s profiting if everyone’s at loss?
They can waste millions on naked sadhus bathing in rivers.
They got money to absolve corporate debt
They can provide free lunch to CEOs
But they want money to send ‘relief’ to drought hit India
Wait, is it a drought?
Nah, it’s a water crisis.
When social, economic and political predators team up together
this is what you get
You’re still wondering why 52 farmers commit suicide everyday?
Wait, are these suicides?
Nah, it doesn’t seems so.
These are murders, “institutional murders”, “institutional massacres”

Mother India? Whose Mother??

From a 10 year old child bride to a loose replica of a Hindu Goddess the Mother India has represented everything that is reactionary, bigoted, anti reformist and fanatically conservative about the Indian society as since the beginning she happened to be the Mother of all those reactionaries who rigorously opposed social reforms but somehow were against the British raj.

The book Mother India by Katherine Mayo would rather give you a better Idea about India than a white skinned, curvy, beautiful, deity like woman covered with gold and gems, wearing an expensive saree and holding a saffron flag!

Can this be the mother of a country having the largest population of poor? Can this be the mother of a country of brown skinned people?  Can this be the mother of a nation where every second child is malnourished? Can this be the mother of a country that still practices untouchability, forced slavery and feudal oppression? Can this be the mother of a nation that has 15 million women in prostitution? Can this be the mother of a nation that houses a militant patriarchal society where men respect dead female idols more than females in flesh and blood?

Is anyone ready to accept an exhausted poor, old, fragile, brown skinned woman as their Mother India? A weak skinny woman wearing a tattered saree, holding a tricolour and not adorned with golden ornaments but enslaved with iron chains of oppression?

In 1947 our founding fathers and mothers freed her from the chains of political oppression but she’s still held by the chains of economic and social oppression. Are we ready to free her? But first of all are we even ready to acknowledge the fact that our Mother India is enslaved by the chains of social and economic injustice???????????????

Rise rise!

Caste and religion based violence have been a reality of this nation since independence. But it’s also a reality that communal violence is on the rise since the Hindu fundamentalists took over and it’s a fact that is even accepted by govt and non govt bodies. Never has the country witnessed a regime that is openly tolerant towards intolerance, never has the country seen a govt whose leaders and ministers appear to have come up with a roster system of delivering hate speech never has the country witnessed an HRD minister giving hate speech on the parliament floor.

Never has the republic witnessed an era of extreme jingoistic nationalism where every debate and discussion has been reduced to the binary of nationalism and anti nationalism. And needless to say never has the county been ruled on the most toxic mixture of governance i.e. liberalism in trade and conservatism in culture.

What do we get when we combine all this? An exclusive, fanatical, and jingoistic form of nationalism that demands one nation one religion and one language aimed at establishing the rule of rich male Brahmins. And when seeing the society with this prism we’d be shocked to see almost everyone in the country is a traitor let it be the Kashmiris or the North Easterns or the Keralites or the Madrasies or the Muslims or or the Christians or the Dalits or the Aboriginals or the Women or the dissents or the intellectuals or the writers or the poets or the students or let it be anyone who doesn’t fit into the agenda of Hindu nationalism.

The only singularity about India is that it can only be described in plurality! As it’s said one language two nations, two language one nation; same can be applied on culture, religion and creed.

The fact that case and religion based violence are on the rise is because of the blatant patronage to such fringe elements by those sitting in the govt. What hope can a country have where a student is booked under sedition for demanding freedom from poverty but a leader urging his followers  to be prepared for final  battle against Muslims remains untouched?

Why won’t the republic witness rise in communal violence in the name of nationalism when it’s being governed by the daughter organization of Italy’s fascist party that draws is idea of nationalism from Europe, rejects the constitution, burns national flag and constructs temples  for the murderer of Gandhi? Have no doubt; what we are witnessing is a radical insurrection against the constitution of India.

But just like capitalism fascism digs its own grave. Such fascist authoritarian approach of this govt has brought the Communists, the Ambedkarits, the Feminists and the liberals together spontaneously.  And we hope these fascists will soon meet their Stalingrad.

Why? Just Why??

They say why ask questions that have existed since the dawn of time?
They ask why question us why not our predecessors?
We thought duty of patriot was
To protect its country from its govt
They turned it upside down and ordered us that
Duty of a patriot is
To protect the govt from the country!
They say why question when you can comply?
Why reason when you can just kill?
Why educate yourself when you can school yourself?
Why think at all when you can indoctrinate yourself?
Why live for humanity when you can die for cow?
Why fight the culture of oppression when you can fight for the culture?
Why go to college when unlettered goons can go to the parliament?
Why respect women when you can worship mother India?
Why be a human when you can be a fanatic?
Why be a rationalist when you can be a nationalist?
Whyy??? Isn’t fascism good enough for you????


The country is at war
Only this time there is no Gandhi
Only Godses everywhere
No Ambedkar, no Bhagat Singh
Only Sarvarkars and Jinnahs!
Witness it yourself
Nation falling to fascist dogs
We choose humanity
They choose Modi and Godse!
We stand with the Constitution
they stand with the Manusmriti!
They say long live Mother India
We say long live the mothers of India!
They want an empowered nation
We want an empowered individual!!


I see oppression when I hear songs equating fair skin with beauty!
I see oppression when I see movies demonizing the black colour!
I see oppression when I see rappers and singers shamelessly taking pride in their caste!
I see oppression when use of certain words make you a traitor!
I see oppression when asking a certain question can make you anti national!
I see oppression when mocking transgenders and gays is made acceptable!
I see oppression when I hear words like blasphemy and sedition!
I see oppression when people talk as if communism is the synonym for terrorism!
I see oppression when people talk as though utopia is a mental disorder!
I see oppression when people act as if they are compelled to waste their fortunes on festivals and marriages!
I see oppression when actors who don’t even appear to be Indians discuess their first world problems in a third world country on the silver screen!                                                          
I see oppression when nationalism appears to be all about country and not the countrymen!
I see oppression when people tell me oppression is justified!
So guess I only see oppression!

Tolerance surpassing intolerance

Don’t say my Indian society is intolerant
we tolerate extreme poverty
we tolerate hunger and starvation
we tolerate undernourished children
we tolerate lynching over food choices
we tolerate fake promises of Govt
we tolerate massacres of dalits and minorities and aboriginals
we tolerate radicalization and polarization
we tolerate Hindu terrorists in parliament
we tolerate saffron terror
we tolerate unemployment
we tolerate fatal attacks on writers and rationalists
we tolerate exponential increase in fascism
we tolerate state’s war on people
we tolerate manhandling of veterans
we tolerate war crimes of military
But damn you if you call our country intolerant
Because calling my nation intolerant will not be tolerated
Because it’s giving a bad name to our country sorry “Ruling Party”
Because we are extremely tolerant people

Pay to live but die for your Landlords!!

While living in a rented apartment
one gets the idea of nationalism accurately
Wish to live in your apartment?
pay rent!
Wish to live in your country?
pay taxes!
Cold nights and dusty roads
Damp cells and cold floors
Awaits you if you fail
And they tell us
you have a country to die for
because you’re free because its yours
You don’t call a place where you pay to stay
Ask any homeless beggar
He neither pays rent
nor taxes
and see the grace showered upon him
by the
God and State