No one-way traffic. 

They want democracy in India but theocracy in Saudi Arabia.
They want secularism in Israel but brutal Islamism in Pakistan.
They want Constitution as long as it allows them to practice Sharia.
They want EU to take in a million more refugees but are okay when Saudi Arabia turns them down.
They want Israel to cease to exist but are okay with Saudis butchering Yemenis. 
They condemn minority witch hunt in the name of love jihad but cry buckets when Tunisian govt allows Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men.

Sorry but no kind of left unity or any unity is possible with such MuSanghis who are nothing but fascists waiting for their turn.

Afterall secularism can’t be a one-way traffic.

And the fact that left, liberal and progressive forces have collaborated with them is the reason why RSS and Hindu fascists were able to successfully vilify the word secularism and turn it into a laughing stock.

For What?

What exactly have the Britons done that I’m expected to hate their rule so passionately?
For weakening feudalism?
For bringing petty kingdoms to heels?
For unifying the nation?
For giving us railways and bureaucracy? 
For providing modern education indiscriminately?
For banning child marriage and widow burning?
For establishing an industrial base in the country?
For giving us democracy?

If you still have any doubts please do remember:
People who practice caste apartheid and racism have no right to complain about white man being racist to them.
For a country where 10K people die daily of starvation and farmers commit suicide in millions, it’s not appropriate to blame another country for famines.
A state that has colonized the land of its aboriginals for corporate greed has no moral authority to whine about Imperialism.
A nation where poor are ghettoized has no right to cry social segregation.

Oppressed and oppressor!

It’s nowhere written in stone that poverty will make you generous or suffering will make you kind.
Just remember that the Holocaust didn’t prevent it’s survivors from establishing one of the most brutal military occupations in human history because Auschwitz was a concentration camp not some department of humanities of Delhi University where people went to receive education.
Similarly the war in middle East can’t be used to undermine the exponential spread of IslamoFascism and wahabism among the Muslim world that has reduced the Muslim population to merely a religious group and has bred a generation of fanatically fundamentalist, misogynistic and bigoted individuals having deep contempt towards the ideals of democracy, liberalism and western civilisation.
It’s still not late to know the difference between pro Muslim and pro Islam or between minority appraisal and appeasing the fundamentalists of minority.

Marginalized or Brahmanist Stooge?

People will tell you that Modi is not Brahmanist because he comes from some OBC family.
Okay so how many bhakts will remain his Bhakts in case he leaves his party of Brahmins and just like Lalu, Mulayam and Kanshiram forms a party of SC/OBC leaders like him?
Before saying something stupid just remember we live in a country where Lalu is called Lalua and Mayawati was called whore but a former British spy is called Atal ‘JI’ not because of the content of their character but because of the place of their birth.
He must remember that it was the democracy that made him the PM of India as no such provisiuon is made available in the Brahmanist doctrine of Manusmriti.

National debate drama!

Was listening to that Anupam Kher’s speech in The Telegraph national debate which was just another Manusmriti Irani type high on drama and low on material kinda play act!
First of all the constitution of India promises equality to each and every member of society so just like every vote has one value every opinion must have equal value.
In that case the rich have every right to comment on the state of Indian society just as much as Mr. Kher or Mr. PM have!
Plus if he thinks the poor is only concerned about two square meal then he might like to ask his God that why the state is so shamelessly cutting funds on food security on health and on education??
And lastly he must know that although the PM never begged us to make him the PM but he did begged for our votes that made him the PM. So yes we will hold him accountable for everything good and bad happening in the country. Because PM is merely a representative of the masses not the ruler of the masses!
After all is a democracy and not a banana republic……….. yet!!!!!!!!!!!

Hate for economy not the culture!

I hate western economy but I love western culture with all my heart.
But I see all this white shaming and the regressive left adamant to destroy everything humanity has ever achieved and everything the western civilization stands for i.e. liberty, equality, fraternity, free speech, freedom of choice, socialism, communism and even democracy.
I m not defending imperialism or saying all this wasn’t built at the backs of the third world but let’s be honest and accept that no one stopped the east form having an industrial revolution of it’s own.
So like many folks I too became skeptical about all this refugee crisis after the mass sexual assault of German women on new year eve.
Because let’s be honest why EU has to bear the burden of the refugee crisis alone? Why can’t Saudi Arabia or Qatar who claim to be the champions of Islam share this responsibility along with the west?
EU is surrendering up to an ideology that in every form is antagonist to everything west stands for. And the fall of west will be a catastrophy for every liberal and lover of freedom on this planet!!