All is well!

For a third world nation like India that has yet to accept its caste question, accepting xenophobia and race problem is obviously a distant dream.
Basically, this land never had any problem:
It never had any caste problem but Gandhi always remained a Baniya and Shivaji a Maratha.
It never had a race problem but somehow this entire brown country believes in quackery of fairness creams claiming to magically transform brown skin into white.
It never had a gender problem although we still have to acknowledge marital rapes and the question of honor killing.
It never had the problem of homophobia but homosexuality is criminalized.
It never had a problem of xenophobia but you can be assaulted in Bombay for simply being a North India and in Delhi for being a Northeastern.

So most probably the only pressing concern for this nation is beef and Romeo!


Western Culture Western Capital

I’m 94% sure that people who criticize western culture don’t do it from their caves and huts using vedic style telepathy or aakashwani.
What they are up to is similar to how Hitler used democracy to destroy democracy and replace it with sth evil.

The point is you don’t hate the west or western culture; you just hate the idea of liberty equality fraternity and yes of course rational thinking!
Because the theological bs you cultivated in this land for 5K years taught you only bigotery, superstition, sexism and inequality!

Development not Ban

Okay the 30% masses of this republic gave ‘massive mandate’ to this charlatan and his far right fascist party for the promise of ‘development’ not propagating a ban culture and turning this democracy into some nanny state. Because this is what fascist do: preserve their ideology by banning personal freedom.
Is this republic so developed that it can ignore the fact that its the home to a third of world’s poor, that 10K people here are daily starved to death, that it has one of the lowest HDI in the world and focus upon people’s plate, their taste in literature, their bedrooms, their personal freedom, pornography, movies and alcohol???