It’s bad if you do

The thing about majoritarianism and communal fascism is that it gives no fuck about how many Kurds are being persecuted in Iran, Iraq or Turkey or how many Yemenis are being butchered by Saudi Arabia or how many Dalits and aboriginals are massacred by the Brahmanists or how many Shias and Ahmadiyyas are targeted by Sunnis in Pakistan or even how many refugees fleeing from ISIS have been turned down by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
It’s so-called humanitarian sentiments are stirred only and only when the Christian majority west invades some Islamist nation of Middle East or when Burmese deem Rohingyas stateless or when some Muslim man marries a Dalit girl or when some Islamist terrorist attack some temple/hotel or when Jews steal Palestinian lands or when army kills some militant in Kashmir and of course when EU fails to accommodate enough refugees even after sheltering millions before.
The working principle of this ideology is simple: Please allow us to quietly cleanse our kind of all impurities but if someone of other race/religion does to our people what we are already doing to them, it’s an assault on our community. 

Hate for economy not the culture!

I hate western economy but I love western culture with all my heart.
But I see all this white shaming and the regressive left adamant to destroy everything humanity has ever achieved and everything the western civilization stands for i.e. liberty, equality, fraternity, free speech, freedom of choice, socialism, communism and even democracy.
I m not defending imperialism or saying all this wasn’t built at the backs of the third world but let’s be honest and accept that no one stopped the east form having an industrial revolution of it’s own.
So like many folks I too became skeptical about all this refugee crisis after the mass sexual assault of German women on new year eve.
Because let’s be honest why EU has to bear the burden of the refugee crisis alone? Why can’t Saudi Arabia or Qatar who claim to be the champions of Islam share this responsibility along with the west?
EU is surrendering up to an ideology that in every form is antagonist to everything west stands for. And the fall of west will be a catastrophy for every liberal and lover of freedom on this planet!!