Where is my money going?

You don’t have money for education.
You don’t have money for health.
You don’t have money for welfare schemes.
You don’t have money for infrastructure.
You don’t have money to rehabilitate families sacrificed for your development.
You don’t have money for flood victims.
You don’t have money for farmers.
You don’t have money for veterans.
You can’t even say you spent it all on defense since you have ammunition for just 10 days.
What are you doing with our tax money?


Suicide and Murder

Farmer forced to sell his harvest at an unbelievably low rates.
Consumer forced to buy edibles at an unbelievably high rates.
Who’s profiting if everyone’s at loss?
They can waste millions on naked sadhus bathing in rivers.
They got money to absolve corporate debt
They can provide free lunch to CEOs
But they want money to send ‘relief’ to drought hit India
Wait, is it a drought?
Nah, it’s a water crisis.
When social, economic and political predators team up together
this is what you get
You’re still wondering why 52 farmers commit suicide everyday?
Wait, are these suicides?
Nah, it doesn’t seems so.
These are murders, “institutional murders”, “institutional massacres”

Tolerance surpassing intolerance

Don’t say my Indian society is intolerant
we tolerate extreme poverty
we tolerate hunger and starvation
we tolerate undernourished children
we tolerate lynching over food choices
we tolerate fake promises of Govt
we tolerate massacres of dalits and minorities and aboriginals
we tolerate radicalization and polarization
we tolerate Hindu terrorists in parliament
we tolerate saffron terror
we tolerate unemployment
we tolerate fatal attacks on writers and rationalists
we tolerate exponential increase in fascism
we tolerate state’s war on people
we tolerate manhandling of veterans
we tolerate war crimes of military
But damn you if you call our country intolerant
Because calling my nation intolerant will not be tolerated
Because it’s giving a bad name to our country sorry “Ruling Party”
Because we are extremely tolerant people