Dalits and affirmative action

For every problem the dalits and the aboriginals have been facing in this republic let it be lynching, murder, rape poverty, social and economic marginalisation or just anything the rich Brahmin- Baniya kids have one and only one simple solution- end reservation or affirmative actions for these poor people who have been discriminated on the very basis of their caste for 5K years and everything will be fine!
I just don’t know if they are that stupid or they have just inherited the savage ideology of usurpation from their predecessors who looted India for 5K years in the name of a rotten religion and it’s barbaric Gods that don’t exist! An ideology that is aimed at keeping the poor marginalized and ashamed of their existence, an ideology that prompts men to worship dumb animals and look down upon fellow humans!
We are talking about the ideology of Hidutva that belongs to the stone age whose very core lies at maintaining and preserving the structural violence and feudal system