Partner in Crime

Before the British Raj India was self-colonized entity, colonized by upper caste feudal landowners.
During British Raj India was colonized by the nexus of British imperialism and Indian feudalism.
After British Raj in the so-called independent India again fell in the hands of feudal powers and what we are seeing right now is transitioning of India from democracy to feudalism.

देश की जनता भूखी है
ये आजादी झूठी है |

You had just one job..

For three thousand years this nation had a whole class of self proclaimed scholars called Brahmins whose only job according to some invisible texture of questionable existence and authority was to read, write and gather knowledge and get free stuff in return.
But inspite of all that long period and all that indolence and escape from work they didn’t wrote a single text that could be taught in any university of this planet.
All they did was eating, pooping, polluting the society with superstition and making sure that noone else gets access to education.
I mean if your only job was to acquire knowledge you could have come up with at least something meaningful in three millennia but I guess getting fed for doing nothing was rather more pressing concern!                                                                                                                 And right now we are seeing an increased number of such brahmanist coming out of closet showing blatant support for the right wing communal fascism as they still fantasize of going back to those happy old barbaric dark ages when their ancestors were paid for being a burden on society.

Done with culture!

Culture is something that appeals to the conservative elements all across the society, something that appeals to the feudal elements across the society, it appeals to the moral police everywhere and it is the first and final argument of all the reactionaries, fascists, fundamentalists and extremists to justify their extremely racist, bigoted, misogynistic, casteist, irrational and inhumane conduct.
Anyways I never found the Indian culture great or even worthy of respect because culture everywhere has been just a word to justify stupidity, savagery and irrationality!!