Where is my money going?

You don’t have money for education.
You don’t have money for health.
You don’t have money for welfare schemes.
You don’t have money for infrastructure.
You don’t have money to rehabilitate families sacrificed for your development.
You don’t have money for flood victims.
You don’t have money for farmers.
You don’t have money for veterans.
You can’t even say you spent it all on defense since you have ammunition for just 10 days.
What are you doing with our tax money?

Fail or Pass

The duty of a welfare state is to provide a healthy matrix to it’s citizens where they can attain their full potential.
But if citizens are forced to look up to the private sector for education, medication, food and shelter we can assert that the state has failed it’s citizens and has no right to demand any kind of loyalty from it’s subjects.
So before gratifying your nationalist ego by deeming Pakistan a failed state just look at your own state India and tell me that it’s not a failed one.

National debate drama!

Was listening to that Anupam Kher’s speech in The Telegraph national debate which was just another Manusmriti Irani type high on drama and low on material kinda play act!
First of all the constitution of India promises equality to each and every member of society so just like every vote has one value every opinion must have equal value.
In that case the rich have every right to comment on the state of Indian society just as much as Mr. Kher or Mr. PM have!
Plus if he thinks the poor is only concerned about two square meal then he might like to ask his God that why the state is so shamelessly cutting funds on food security on health and on education??
And lastly he must know that although the PM never begged us to make him the PM but he did begged for our votes that made him the PM. So yes we will hold him accountable for everything good and bad happening in the country. Because PM is merely a representative of the masses not the ruler of the masses!
After all is a democracy and not a banana republic……….. yet!!!!!!!!!!!