Who is Hindu? 

​People who get orgasmic joy over the idea of a Hindu fascist state should at least come forward and tell us what  they really mean by the word “Hindu.” 

Because obviously for such fanatics the Keralites who worship King Bali and eat beef are not Hindus, the Dalits, the aboriginals and the OBCs are not Hindus, women who wish to do anything other than breeding children are not Hindus, the Northeasterns are not Hindus as they have a different culture, Hindus that are communists or liberals or secular or pluralistic are again not Hindus, Hindus who disagree with RSS are also not Hindus and so on and so forth. 
So, who exactly is Hindu in this cauldron of castes and ethnic groups haunted by Gods? 
Oh wait! This hocus pocus of a Hindu Rashtra is all about creating a fascist nepotistic theocracy for the rich male Brahmans! One by one, everyone else will be erased.

So before supporting this rabid idea of Hindu State please know that there is a very high probability that it might not include you! 

Religion Man Religion

When you say it’s the man that is evil not religion you’re simply trying to convince others about the infallibility of your religion!
But let’s be honest; a doctrine invented by cave dwellers, half evolved, warmongering, misogynist savages who believed everything they didn’t understand happens by magic is the last thing on this planet to have a claim over infallibility!!!
Did Einstein ever said I’ll kill you if you try to disprove my theory of relativity???
Religion has outlived it’s purpose, it has killed far more men than all other schools of thoughts combined and has only created a despotic empire of blood, death, sorrows and countless evils for an invisible God!!!!
God must die so that man may live!!!!

Fringe groups or state sponsored terrorists???

Ever since this far right Hindutva fascist govt came to power in 2014 who ate what became a bigger question that who ate how much!!
Last year the father of an air force employee was brutally lynched by a saffron terror faction over the suspicion of having consumed beef!
What’s interesting is that instead of showing any interest to nab those fanatics the state machinery showed more enthusiasm about knowing the nature of meat stored in the fridge of the victim.
It’s hilarious that it took them almost a year to find out what kind of meat was stored in the fridge which not only reveals the impotency of Indian police and judicial system but also throws some light on why it takes 20 years to get justice in India!
Anyways, the apologists of Hinduta fascism will tell you these are rarest of the rare events carried out by “fringe elements.”
But what’s really scary and the matter of biggest concern is the fact that these are not fringe elements and its proof is all around us. When senior leaders of this fascist Govt openly call for a final battle against minorities by swearing to carry out such attacks all across the nation, when union ministers in the govt show open support for these savages and when politician turned saints make appeals for a Muslim free India and starting a civil war it would be foolish to assume such terror strikes are random events carried out by fringe elements!
All this simply indicates that these fanatics who carry out lynching, murders and rapes in the name of cow and the degraded Indian culture aren’t goons or fringe elements but storm troopers of the fascists in power or rather state sponsored Saffron terrorists!!
After all when a saffron terror faction openly threatens the police and state with riots and mass murders in the city if no legal action is taken against the victim’s family and those fanatics sitting in the center shamelessly say that the victim won’t have had consumed the beef alone simply shows to what extent this fascist govt supports it’s sponsored terrorists!
Frankly speaking I have never seen such kind of insane polarization in my entire life. Everyone acts insane or seems to have abandoned all reasons! Never before fascism revealed itself so shamelessly and so blatantly.
Gandhi once said I’d never kill a cow for a man just like I’d not kill a man for a cow! It’s clearly the fight between Hind Swaraj of Gandhi and Hindutva of the British stooge Savarkar. It’s a fight between those who know how to think and those who know how to hate. And its battleground will be schools, colleges, Universities and our very mind.
The choices we make today will decide the future of this country. We can either become a welfare state like any advanced nation or we can become Hindu Talibans. We can either take a giant leap towards a better world of Tagore’s poems or we can go back to the dark ages of theocracy and feudalism.
All depends on what we chose to think today!

Affirmative action and Action!

Freedom can be political, social or economic but in order to have the first two, one must have economic freedom. The reservation policy or what is called ‘affirmative action’ is all about assisting the marginalized sections of society in attaining economic freedom. The critics of this policy might say that economic status must be the criteria for reservation, which simply shows that they are not in touch with the reality of this country.

Caste is class in this nation and this has remained the truth of Indian society for nearly three thousand years. It was the caste factor that decided the economic status of an individual for all these years. So if caste became the basis of political, social and economic injustice, then caste and only caste can be made and remain the basis of political, social and economic justice. There is much to be done in this direction and one critical aspect of that is to take steps to ensure that existing policies work in actual practice.

India is a democratic “welfare state” but today, a sinister public opinion is being built up that projects cheap education as a privilege/ tax-payer’s handout and an expensive education as something very normal.. Now how can a substantial number of Dalit or Adivasi citizens “benefit” from the reservation system when basic education itself IS MADE inaccessible to them?

Unfortunately, India is witnessing a massive war on public education ironically by the State itself that includes slashing the education budget, demeaning government schools, calling off scholarship programs and branding schools as the breeding grounds of Naxal and Maoist movements. As if this wasn’t bad enough, they have started branding universities as anti-national and are actively garnering popular public opinion around that! This entire design works on one simple principle: you drain public offices of funds and make people angry and when people get angry you let private corporations do what the State should have done in the first place.

While it is fair to say that there are many poor people in this country across caste lines, poverty is different from social discrimination and alienation, something only the Dalits and Adivasis of this country have faced for centuries. An inclusive economy, if that indeed is the great Indian dream, can be achieved by declaring the rights to food, education and healthcare as the “fundamental rights” essential of each citizen.

When the State ‘misuses’ reservation and starts handing it out to all and sundry (the Jats are the most recent point in case), it means that not only has it failed to mobilize affirmative action to uplift the Dalits and Adivasis for whom the reservation system was first introduced, it has also failed to alleviate poverty by creating jobs for ALL.

Passion and Hate

A Hindu being lynched and a man lynched for being Hindu are two different things!
Former is a crime of passion while later is a crime of hate!
One is murdered by people while the other is murdered by an ideology!
One the end in itself while other is the means to the end!
One destroys life while the other ignites fire that may engulf cities, states and countries!
But it’s shameful that few haters are adamant to prove crime of passion as crime of hate and crime of hate as crime of passion!
For what? Few votes? To polarize the society? To gain political might? To get appreciation of their bosses??
If anything needs to be shut down it’s the cyber cells of these fascist elements!!

Why? Just Why??

They say why ask questions that have existed since the dawn of time?
They ask why question us why not our predecessors?
We thought duty of patriot was
To protect its country from its govt
They turned it upside down and ordered us that
Duty of a patriot is
To protect the govt from the country!
They say why question when you can comply?
Why reason when you can just kill?
Why educate yourself when you can school yourself?
Why think at all when you can indoctrinate yourself?
Why live for humanity when you can die for cow?
Why fight the culture of oppression when you can fight for the culture?
Why go to college when unlettered goons can go to the parliament?
Why respect women when you can worship mother India?
Why be a human when you can be a fanatic?
Why be a rationalist when you can be a nationalist?
Whyy??? Isn’t fascism good enough for you????

National debate drama!

Was listening to that Anupam Kher’s speech in The Telegraph national debate which was just another Manusmriti Irani type high on drama and low on material kinda play act!
First of all the constitution of India promises equality to each and every member of society so just like every vote has one value every opinion must have equal value.
In that case the rich have every right to comment on the state of Indian society just as much as Mr. Kher or Mr. PM have!
Plus if he thinks the poor is only concerned about two square meal then he might like to ask his God that why the state is so shamelessly cutting funds on food security on health and on education??
And lastly he must know that although the PM never begged us to make him the PM but he did begged for our votes that made him the PM. So yes we will hold him accountable for everything good and bad happening in the country. Because PM is merely a representative of the masses not the ruler of the masses!
After all is a democracy and not a banana republic……….. yet!!!!!!!!!!!

Dalits and affirmative action

For every problem the dalits and the aboriginals have been facing in this republic let it be lynching, murder, rape poverty, social and economic marginalisation or just anything the rich Brahmin- Baniya kids have one and only one simple solution- end reservation or affirmative actions for these poor people who have been discriminated on the very basis of their caste for 5K years and everything will be fine!
I just don’t know if they are that stupid or they have just inherited the savage ideology of usurpation from their predecessors who looted India for 5K years in the name of a rotten religion and it’s barbaric Gods that don’t exist! An ideology that is aimed at keeping the poor marginalized and ashamed of their existence, an ideology that prompts men to worship dumb animals and look down upon fellow humans!
We are talking about the ideology of Hidutva that belongs to the stone age whose very core lies at maintaining and preserving the structural violence and feudal system

Murder of Rohith

It’s a habit of fascists to kill people and then blame them for their own death. We witnessed another display of their this particular skill when a just few days back the nation saw the bigotry of the Hindu ideology claiming yet another life.
Rohith left us only with his words, the words that clearly portray the condition of a tormented mind. The words that yet again prove that caste is the malice of Hindu society and it’s this structural violence that has kept India undeveloped for 5K years.
In Dr. Ambedkar’s words the Hindus are brutally bigoted and casteists not because they are evil people but because they are deeply religious. And it’s a known fact that structural violence and preservation of the barbaric feudal system is the core of Hindu ideology.
Even after all this it’s truly unfortunate to see the sympathizers of Hindu terrorism shamelessly blaming Rohith for his own death by deeming him casteist, extremist and anti national!!
C’mon is this cow piss you drink messing up your brain?? A victim of casteism can’t be casteist, a protagonist of freedom of expression and abolishment of capital punishment cannot be an extremist and an ant- national certainly cannot take his own life!!
Is it that difficult to understand? I don’t think so.
Because what it seems like is this that we just don’t want to understand, we just don’t want to accept that we are deeply bigoted, casteists and prejudiced people and every time this ugly face of religious extremism confronts us in form of Dadri, Malda and Rohith we just rush to mop the dirt under the rug.
Why? Because we are being told to live under the made up fantasy world of believing we live in the best society and the best country of the world?
Enough with this shit! What happend in Dadri and Malda and to Rohith can someday happen to you and your passive support for the active extremism would be held accountable for it and then no one would be there to speak for you.

Whom will you fight?

Maybe the Indian and Pakistani masses too should decide if the want to fight each other they need to fight poverty and economic injustice? Because if anything the recent events have unveiled is this that the unity of black and whites or Hindus and Muslims or of Indians and Pakistanis is the most intimidating factor for the ruling classes and they have shown immense desperation to keep them apart!