Azadi and Hindurashtra

Hindutva Movement:
# Hindus not the Muslims are original inhabitants of India.
# We were enslaved by Muslims a thousand years back.
# For one thousand years we have been under foreign subjugation.
# Let’s kill Muslims in Bhagalpur and Godhra Riots.
# Lets form a Hindu state.

Azad Kashmir Movement:
# Muslims not the Hindus are true Kashmiris.
# We were enslaved by the Mughals in Fifteen hundred sth.
# For five hundred we have been under foreign subjugation.
# Let’s kill and ignite an ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus in the valley.
# Lets form an Islamic state or merge with Pak.

Is there any difference???

Azad Kashmir= Hindu Rashtra

Too much hullabaloo is being made by the regressive Left over Kashmir’s ‘right to self determination’.
Okay let’s have a plebiscite provided the ‘entire’ Kashmiri masses are allowed to participate. And by ‘entire’ I mean the current population along with the ones who were hounded out from the valley in 90’s.
Plus can anyone convince us that this whole hocus pocus of Azad Kashmir is not a Radical Islamist project but a simple movement of marginalised nationality?
Because the ethnic cleansing of 90s and the slogans currently being raised in the valley strongly suggest that this whole idea of Azad Kashmir is all about creation of another Islamic state and has got nothing to do with “Kashmiriat, Jahmuriat or even Insaniat.”
So if Azad Kashmir simply a morbid dream of Islamist fundamentalists, why should anyone care? Religious fanaticism has made the world bleed enough.

Sympathising with those who dream of an Azad Kashmir is just like sympathising with those who dream of a Hindu Rashtra.
Azad Kashmir has no place for Hindus and Hindu Rashtra has no place for non Brahmins.
Both are morbid dreams of communal fascists!

It’s easy?

It’s easy to be a Hindu and criticise Islam.
It’s easy to be an Indian and talk about Baluchistan.
It’s easy to be an American and bash Israel.
It’s easy to be a man and criticise Feminism.
It’s easy to be a communist and criticise capitalism.
It’s difficult to be a Hindu and criticise Hinduism.
It’s difficult to be a Muslim and criticise Islam.
It’s difficult to be an Indian and talk about Kashmir.
It’s difficult to be a Pakistani and talk about Baluchistan.
It’s difficult to be an American and criticise Americanism.
It’s difficult to be a man and criticise patriarchy.
It’s difficult to be a communist and criticise the left.

The thing about constructive criticism is that it has to come from inside of the system to have a positive impact or else it is often dismissed as allegations and hate speech.
De Omnibus Dubitandum!

Kashmir and Left

Okay I’m not getting it:
Is it so that the Kashmiris want to succeed from India because they believe that being a Muslim majority region they must join Pakistan or form an independent state or it’s because they are sick of the brutal military occupation or the broken promise of plebiscite makes them feel betrayed ??
As far as I know military was deployed in Kashmir only after the rise of militancy and Kashmiri Pundits’ exodus and this demand for Azad Kashmir is much older.
I firmly stand with the left wing’s argument of demilitarisation of Indian state and we all can tell that Military brutalities will only give birth to more Burhan Wanis!
But if left wants to stop Hindu extremism as it wants India to remain a democracy why is the extreme left supporting the cause of Azad Kashmir which appears purely a communal program? It’s hypocrisy!
Secularism can’t be a one way traffic!
We know we got one of the best constitution of the world. All we are asking is to implement it in Kashmir, in Manipur, in Nagaland, in red corridors and in every militarised zone of India!!!


From a handful of Militants to thousands of Kashmiris chanting Azadi. What have you done India?
When did country like Pakistan became the Elysian field of Kashmiris! How’s this possible?
Two hundred thousand Kashmiris turn up for the funeral of a terrorist. What’s the meaning of this?
We love Kashmir as much as we hate the Kashmiris!
But maybe calling Kashmir the “integral” part of India means something more than just claiming absolute right over land and rocks!
Maybe integration means something more than a hundred thousand dead Kashmiris or eighty thousand disappearances or mass rapes or mass graves or human right violation with impunity or turning a bleak valley into a military occupation of one million soldiers.
After all army looks good at the borders not outside houses.
Maybe calling Kashmir the integral part of India simply means talking, listening and understanding.
But look at Kashmir it has become the Palestine of India.
Kashmir is burning.
What happened??
AFSPA happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Treason Treason!!

Using my tax money to buy weapons instead of feeding the hungry is treason!
Using my tax money to to pay the police who thrash students and women is treason!
Using my tax money to militarize Kashmir, Manipur and Red corridors is treason!
Stealing my tax money through Coal and Vyapam scams is treason!
Using my tax money to pay politicians who make anti labour laws is treason!
Wasting my tax money on yoga day and commonwealth games is treason!
Using my tax money on on IITs and IIMs who only produce future citizens of US and Germany is treason!
Wasting my tax money on a judiciary that takes 20 years to deliver justice and is too impotent to punish any rich is treason!
Using my tax money to curb liberty, self determination and free speech is treason!
Wasting my tax money in spreading mindless religious bullshit is treason!
Cutting short the education and medical budget is treason!
Stealing from the poor and giving it to the rich is treason
Incapability to provide a safe space to every citizen of the country is treason!
Using the word treason to jail the dissents is treason!


The JNU students decided to have a discourse on why people like Afzal turn towards extremism and it becomes an act of sedition!! Well if you’re really a nationalist and not just some right wing prick then where was this outrage when the RSS pigs were constructing temples for Godse who too was executed by the same judiciary?? Why no one’s nationalism kicked in when for the last seven decades these Hindu terrorists have been disrespecting Gandhi, proudly boasting their involvement in his assassination, rejecting the National flag and being hostile to the very idea of constitution and democracy??
Did it ever cross your minds that you people should come up with sth like‪#‎ShutDownRSS‬?? Because if it didn’t then your outrage over this event doesn’t count. And tbh we do not need any certificate of nationalism from the traitors of RSS or its supporters. Why is being skeptical about Godse’s crime okay but talking about the hanging of Afzal sedition??
Many human rights group want capital punishment to be abolished so are they anti national?? Many people are skeptical of Afzal and yakub’s hanging are they all anti national?? Many people want the war crimes of Indian army to be investigated does that make them anti national?? Kashmiris want AFSPA to be removed and troops withdrawn from Kashmir does that makes them anti national?? Is every Kashmiri anti-national??
Does placing the humanity above Govt makes you anti national?? When did freedom of expression became sedition? All these fanatics, these politicians, these fundamentalists, these bhakts, these jingoists simply afraid of a handful of students armed with nothing but ideas about democracy and freedom?? Truth lies with the dissents not the crowd!! No society can flourish without an unrestricted exchange of ideas! Afterall what’s the use of having a University if it doesn’t allow the critical analysis of the common conscience of the society.
Whom are these people trying to follow? Is it US or China or just Pakistan and Taliban??

Kashmir o Kasmir

India and Pakistan have fought four wars since their birth in 1947 over the Kashmir dispute; three of which took place before 1990.
The kashmiri Muslims complain about Indian state turning Kashmir into a military occupation but will take a vow of silence when asked why it happened.
Kashmir wasn’t turned into military occupation after the wars of 1947 or 65 or even 71.
It’s only after the radical Muslims drove the entire indigenous Kashmiri Pundit population from their homeland in early 90’s that the military had to be installed in Kashmir.
So like I always say a terrorist is not only a fanatic that kills people with guns but also that peaceful bigot who supports the actions of that murderer!
And I met one yesterday!!


Bangladesh and Baluchistan

In 1947 the mullahs and nawabs of UP, CP, Bengal and Delhi created a fake state called Pakistan. They created it by impoing a linguistic imperialism of the Urdu culture on Punjab on Sindh on Baluchistan and on Bangladesh.
It was one of the first and legitimized model of what we now call the “Islamic state” that massacred 3 Mn of it’s own bangla speaking subjects and committed a genocidal rape of 400K bangla women. This monstrous military establishment is now committing the same sort of genocide in it’s own province of Baluchistan!
The world did nothing then the world will do nothing now! That’s the sort of leverage you get when you’re a client nation of the US. I see so many hypocrite mullas who’s heart swell with grief witnessing the atrocities committed by Israel and India in Palestine and Kashmir. These same clowns would take a vow of silence when it comes to the war crimes of Pakistan inflicted upon their fellow Muslim brothers! Most probably because it’s an Islamic state? Just like the ISIS???

Haider and Kashmir

The military occupation and disappearance of thousands of Kashmiris shown in the movie Haider reminds of the book ‘An ordinary person’s guide to empire’ by Ms Arundhati Roy in which she portrayed somewhat similar view about the Palestine of India. Who knows the truth but at least its for the first time when any form of media has presented an alternate view about Kashmir which is commendable. Afterall when it comes to nationalism, rationality becomes sedition and treason