No One

No one said Kashmiri Pundits’ exodus,
before we talked about military war crimes!
No one said 1984 before 2002!
No one said income based reservation,
before there was caste based reservation!
No one said poor brahmins before they heard
about abolishment of manual scavenging!
No one said men’s right before we had feminism!
No one said emergency of 1975 before
intellectuals criticised this rising social intolerance!

The point is they don’t give a damn about any of those things.
They just wish to legitimise sufferings using sufferings

Kashmir o Kasmir

India and Pakistan have fought four wars since their birth in 1947 over the Kashmir dispute; three of which took place before 1990.
The kashmiri Muslims complain about Indian state turning Kashmir into a military occupation but will take a vow of silence when asked why it happened.
Kashmir wasn’t turned into military occupation after the wars of 1947 or 65 or even 71.
It’s only after the radical Muslims drove the entire indigenous Kashmiri Pundit population from their homeland in early 90’s that the military had to be installed in Kashmir.
So like I always say a terrorist is not only a fanatic that kills people with guns but also that peaceful bigot who supports the actions of that murderer!
And I met one yesterday!!