Murder of Rohith

It’s a habit of fascists to kill people and then blame them for their own death. We witnessed another display of their this particular skill when a just few days back the nation saw the bigotry of the Hindu ideology claiming yet another life.
Rohith left us only with his words, the words that clearly portray the condition of a tormented mind. The words that yet again prove that caste is the malice of Hindu society and it’s this structural violence that has kept India undeveloped for 5K years.
In Dr. Ambedkar’s words the Hindus are brutally bigoted and casteists not because they are evil people but because they are deeply religious. And it’s a known fact that structural violence and preservation of the barbaric feudal system is the core of Hindu ideology.
Even after all this it’s truly unfortunate to see the sympathizers of Hindu terrorism shamelessly blaming Rohith for his own death by deeming him casteist, extremist and anti national!!
C’mon is this cow piss you drink messing up your brain?? A victim of casteism can’t be casteist, a protagonist of freedom of expression and abolishment of capital punishment cannot be an extremist and an ant- national certainly cannot take his own life!!
Is it that difficult to understand? I don’t think so.
Because what it seems like is this that we just don’t want to understand, we just don’t want to accept that we are deeply bigoted, casteists and prejudiced people and every time this ugly face of religious extremism confronts us in form of Dadri, Malda and Rohith we just rush to mop the dirt under the rug.
Why? Because we are being told to live under the made up fantasy world of believing we live in the best society and the best country of the world?
Enough with this shit! What happend in Dadri and Malda and to Rohith can someday happen to you and your passive support for the active extremism would be held accountable for it and then no one would be there to speak for you.