Bread, show and thirst for blood!

This whole Indo-Pak nationalism resembles the bloodthirsty sadistic audience of the coliseum craving for blood and more blood chanting: KILL KILL KILL!!
They exhibit all sorts of emotions, they are happy, sad, excited, thrilled depending upon which team is winning.
They have that luxury because they are sitting in their comfort zones far from the arena where others are killing and getting killed for the gratification of their nationalist egos.
Stop celebrating and glorifying military conflicts. Such jingoism is the worst enemy of soldiers.
Because in the times of extreme inequality, stagflation and unemployment our rulers very clearly understand the old argument of Roman emperors: If you can’t give them bread, give them a show!

No One

No one said Kashmiri Pundits’ exodus,
before we talked about military war crimes!
No one said 1984 before 2002!
No one said income based reservation,
before there was caste based reservation!
No one said poor brahmins before they heard
about abolishment of manual scavenging!
No one said men’s right before we had feminism!
No one said emergency of 1975 before
intellectuals criticised this rising social intolerance!

The point is they don’t give a damn about any of those things.
They just wish to legitimise sufferings using sufferings

Duty and Morality

Okay the army men take orders from their bosses only to execute them without question because the duty of a soldier is to obey not question! So how can a machinery that is prohibited to question or even think can be made the yardstick for measuring the patriotism level of a civilian when the duty of patriot is to protect his country from his govt??
Because as far as I know sth called military has been involved in nearly every war every genocide every human conflict and every genocidal rape throughout the human history. And we must not forget our founding fathers and mothers were some of the most defiant, rational and thinking beings of their times.
As long as there are borders as long as there are standing armies as long as there is the concept of us and them the world will never know peace. So I believe pioneers of a warless world will be the youths who will abstain themselves from military service!
As Rabindranath Tagore said I will not buy glass for the price of diamonds, and I will never allow patriotism to triumph over humanity. So let’s just choose humanity over those narrow domestic walls as there are many bourgeois elites who are ready to sacrifice millions of poor for their quarrels so lets just allow those rich fight their own wars!
Let’s love humans not chunks of land!!