Caste of Death

Police: The Muslim we killed was a terrorist.
Media: You’re right Sir.
Police: The Dalit we killed was a thief.
Media: You’re right Sir.
Police: The OBC we killed was a goon.
Media: You’re right Sir.
Police: The Aboriginal we killed was a Naxal.
Media: You’re right Sir.
Police: The Tiwari we killed was an anti-social element.
Media: How can you say this? You have any proof? He was an innocent man. Blah blah blah….

Terrorists and Nazis

It’d be wrong to compare Islamic terror with Hindutva terror.
While The Islamic terror is mostly the results out of foreign invasion/occupation or oppression and is known to have locked horns with some of the mightiest superpowers of the world, the Hindutva terror is the product of majoritarian anxiety, fear of change, clinging up to old reactionary ways and is only known for beating up poor, helpless children and the most vulnerable sections of society.
Saffron terror is not about actually being oppressed but about the fear of losing the power to oppress.
One rarely hears about any kinda reaction where the Hindoos are actually being oppressed such as in Pakistan or Bangladesh or in the United States.
Because for the saffron only operates under state patronage and guaranteed police protection.
They are more related to Nazis who terrorize people when the time is right and remain hidden when it’s not than to terrorists who fight for ideology.

Treason Treason!!

Using my tax money to buy weapons instead of feeding the hungry is treason!
Using my tax money to to pay the police who thrash students and women is treason!
Using my tax money to militarize Kashmir, Manipur and Red corridors is treason!
Stealing my tax money through Coal and Vyapam scams is treason!
Using my tax money to pay politicians who make anti labour laws is treason!
Wasting my tax money on yoga day and commonwealth games is treason!
Using my tax money on on IITs and IIMs who only produce future citizens of US and Germany is treason!
Wasting my tax money on a judiciary that takes 20 years to deliver justice and is too impotent to punish any rich is treason!
Using my tax money to curb liberty, self determination and free speech is treason!
Wasting my tax money in spreading mindless religious bullshit is treason!
Cutting short the education and medical budget is treason!
Stealing from the poor and giving it to the rich is treason
Incapability to provide a safe space to every citizen of the country is treason!
Using the word treason to jail the dissents is treason!

Elite Squad

Just finished watching a Brazilian movie ‘Tropa de Elite’ that portrays the lives and struggles of the comrades of the military police BOPE. The only conclusion I can draw from this movies is that establishments really spend a substantial sum on not only ensuring that the poor must not escape poverty but also on waging an extensive war against those poor who can’t stand the economic injustice and get into trades that’s considered criminal when undertaken by a poor man without govt permit.
Such movies do nothing but justify govt sanctioned murders after all Police is for those who need it what do you need police for?