Kashmir and Left

Okay I’m not getting it:
Is it so that the Kashmiris want to succeed from India because they believe that being a Muslim majority region they must join Pakistan or form an independent state or it’s because they are sick of the brutal military occupation or the broken promise of plebiscite makes them feel betrayed ??
As far as I know military was deployed in Kashmir only after the rise of militancy and Kashmiri Pundits’ exodus and this demand for Azad Kashmir is much older.
I firmly stand with the left wing’s argument of demilitarisation of Indian state and we all can tell that Military brutalities will only give birth to more Burhan Wanis!
But if left wants to stop Hindu extremism as it wants India to remain a democracy why is the extreme left supporting the cause of Azad Kashmir which appears purely a communal program? It’s hypocrisy!
Secularism can’t be a one way traffic!
We know we got one of the best constitution of the world. All we are asking is to implement it in Kashmir, in Manipur, in Nagaland, in red corridors and in every militarised zone of India!!!

Treason Treason!!

Using my tax money to buy weapons instead of feeding the hungry is treason!
Using my tax money to to pay the police who thrash students and women is treason!
Using my tax money to militarize Kashmir, Manipur and Red corridors is treason!
Stealing my tax money through Coal and Vyapam scams is treason!
Using my tax money to pay politicians who make anti labour laws is treason!
Wasting my tax money on yoga day and commonwealth games is treason!
Using my tax money on on IITs and IIMs who only produce future citizens of US and Germany is treason!
Wasting my tax money on a judiciary that takes 20 years to deliver justice and is too impotent to punish any rich is treason!
Using my tax money to curb liberty, self determination and free speech is treason!
Wasting my tax money in spreading mindless religious bullshit is treason!
Cutting short the education and medical budget is treason!
Stealing from the poor and giving it to the rich is treason
Incapability to provide a safe space to every citizen of the country is treason!
Using the word treason to jail the dissents is treason!