All is well!

For a third world nation like India that has yet to accept its caste question, accepting xenophobia and race problem is obviously a distant dream.
Basically, this land never had any problem:
It never had any caste problem but Gandhi always remained a Baniya and Shivaji a Maratha.
It never had a race problem but somehow this entire brown country believes in quackery of fairness creams claiming to magically transform brown skin into white.
It never had a gender problem although we still have to acknowledge marital rapes and the question of honor killing.
It never had the problem of homophobia but homosexuality is criminalized.
It never had a problem of xenophobia but you can be assaulted in Bombay for simply being a North India and in Delhi for being a Northeastern.

So most probably the only pressing concern for this nation is beef and Romeo!

Hinduism, Brahmanis and Shivaji 

​Let this massive wastage of our tax money serve as a message that caste is the skeleton of Hinduism. 

Let this stand as a monument of Brahmanical mindset that identifies a man’s worth by his birth. 

Let this stand as a reminder to every non Brahmin that feels proud to be a Hindu that even if a Maratha becomes a warrior King he’d still remain a Maratha an OBC for the Brahmanist leeches.