Terrorists and Nazis

It’d be wrong to compare Islamic terror with Hindutva terror.
While The Islamic terror is mostly the results out of foreign invasion/occupation or oppression and is known to have locked horns with some of the mightiest superpowers of the world, the Hindutva terror is the product of majoritarian anxiety, fear of change, clinging up to old reactionary ways and is only known for beating up poor, helpless children and the most vulnerable sections of society.
Saffron terror is not about actually being oppressed but about the fear of losing the power to oppress.
One rarely hears about any kinda reaction where the Hindoos are actually being oppressed such as in Pakistan or Bangladesh or in the United States.
Because for the saffron only operates under state patronage and guaranteed police protection.
They are more related to Nazis who terrorize people when the time is right and remain hidden when it’s not than to terrorists who fight for ideology.

Intellectual Terrorism?

• Intellectual terrorism is tricking the gullible masses into believing that liberals, atheists, feminists, Ambedkarites and leftists are the real intellectual terrorists.                                   •  Intellectual terrorism is to demonize words like secular and socialist.
• Intellectual terrorism is to make people believe that war is peace.
• Intellectual terrorism is to induce the fear of minority in the majority.                                   • Intellectual terrorism is to lure people into believing that places of worship are more important than public toilets, schools and hospitals.
• Intellectual terrorism is to monopolize knowledge and keep the society illustrate and uncivilized for thousands of years.
• Intellectual terrorism is to cry that welfare state and affirmative action is anti development.
• Intellectual terrorism is calling inflation, poverty and unemployment as development.
• Intellectual terrorism is to say that market fundamentalism and Religious fundamentalism are somehow beneficial for the society.                                                                  
• Intellectual terrorism is to displace millions of people for the profit of few in the name of development.

Terror strikes or Collateral damage?

The New York blast is a terror attack: because when the US govt declares war on a nation the only morality expected from the enemy is to stand in line and get bombed right?
This country has been at war for the last I don’t know how many years and still has the audacity to call the collateral damage of war as “terror strikes.”
These people were celebrating bombings of innocent civilians in Syria, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Vietnam, how fucking dare they call the reactions of war as terror attacks? How does it feels to live under the same conditions your country has been creating in the east for years?
So before bashing Syria or Iraq go study Newton’s third law of motion!


From a handful of Militants to thousands of Kashmiris chanting Azadi. What have you done India?
When did country like Pakistan became the Elysian field of Kashmiris! How’s this possible?
Two hundred thousand Kashmiris turn up for the funeral of a terrorist. What’s the meaning of this?
We love Kashmir as much as we hate the Kashmiris!
But maybe calling Kashmir the “integral” part of India means something more than just claiming absolute right over land and rocks!
Maybe integration means something more than a hundred thousand dead Kashmiris or eighty thousand disappearances or mass rapes or mass graves or human right violation with impunity or turning a bleak valley into a military occupation of one million soldiers.
After all army looks good at the borders not outside houses.
Maybe calling Kashmir the integral part of India simply means talking, listening and understanding.
But look at Kashmir it has become the Palestine of India.
Kashmir is burning.
What happened??
AFSPA happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fringe groups or state sponsored terrorists???

Ever since this far right Hindutva fascist govt came to power in 2014 who ate what became a bigger question that who ate how much!!
Last year the father of an air force employee was brutally lynched by a saffron terror faction over the suspicion of having consumed beef!
What’s interesting is that instead of showing any interest to nab those fanatics the state machinery showed more enthusiasm about knowing the nature of meat stored in the fridge of the victim.
It’s hilarious that it took them almost a year to find out what kind of meat was stored in the fridge which not only reveals the impotency of Indian police and judicial system but also throws some light on why it takes 20 years to get justice in India!
Anyways, the apologists of Hinduta fascism will tell you these are rarest of the rare events carried out by “fringe elements.”
But what’s really scary and the matter of biggest concern is the fact that these are not fringe elements and its proof is all around us. When senior leaders of this fascist Govt openly call for a final battle against minorities by swearing to carry out such attacks all across the nation, when union ministers in the govt show open support for these savages and when politician turned saints make appeals for a Muslim free India and starting a civil war it would be foolish to assume such terror strikes are random events carried out by fringe elements!
All this simply indicates that these fanatics who carry out lynching, murders and rapes in the name of cow and the degraded Indian culture aren’t goons or fringe elements but storm troopers of the fascists in power or rather state sponsored Saffron terrorists!!
After all when a saffron terror faction openly threatens the police and state with riots and mass murders in the city if no legal action is taken against the victim’s family and those fanatics sitting in the center shamelessly say that the victim won’t have had consumed the beef alone simply shows to what extent this fascist govt supports it’s sponsored terrorists!
Frankly speaking I have never seen such kind of insane polarization in my entire life. Everyone acts insane or seems to have abandoned all reasons! Never before fascism revealed itself so shamelessly and so blatantly.
Gandhi once said I’d never kill a cow for a man just like I’d not kill a man for a cow! It’s clearly the fight between Hind Swaraj of Gandhi and Hindutva of the British stooge Savarkar. It’s a fight between those who know how to think and those who know how to hate. And its battleground will be schools, colleges, Universities and our very mind.
The choices we make today will decide the future of this country. We can either become a welfare state like any advanced nation or we can become Hindu Talibans. We can either take a giant leap towards a better world of Tagore’s poems or we can go back to the dark ages of theocracy and feudalism.
All depends on what we chose to think today!