It’s bad if you do

The thing about majoritarianism and communal fascism is that it gives no fuck about how many Kurds are being persecuted in Iran, Iraq or Turkey or how many Yemenis are being butchered by Saudi Arabia or how many Dalits and aboriginals are massacred by the Brahmanists or how many Shias and Ahmadiyyas are targeted by Sunnis in Pakistan or even how many refugees fleeing from ISIS have been turned down by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
It’s so-called humanitarian sentiments are stirred only and only when the Christian majority west invades some Islamist nation of Middle East or when Burmese deem Rohingyas stateless or when some Muslim man marries a Dalit girl or when some Islamist terrorist attack some temple/hotel or when Jews steal Palestinian lands or when army kills some militant in Kashmir and of course when EU fails to accommodate enough refugees even after sheltering millions before.
The working principle of this ideology is simple: Please allow us to quietly cleanse our kind of all impurities but if someone of other race/religion does to our people what we are already doing to them, it’s an assault on our community. 

Western Culture Western Capital

I’m 94% sure that people who criticize western culture don’t do it from their caves and huts using vedic style telepathy or aakashwani.
What they are up to is similar to how Hitler used democracy to destroy democracy and replace it with sth evil.

The point is you don’t hate the west or western culture; you just hate the idea of liberty equality fraternity and yes of course rational thinking!
Because the theological bs you cultivated in this land for 5K years taught you only bigotery, superstition, sexism and inequality!

Antisemitic or Anti Zionist?

It’s shameful that those so called champions of humanity are rejoicing over the fires in Haifa, Israel.
Yes what Israeli Govt is doing to Palestine is inhuman but tell me honestly what can you possibly do if tomorrow your govt declares war on some poor nation?
Your hatred and antisemitism has erased the line between nation and state.
If every Israeli citizen is responsible for the actions of their govt then by that logic 400 million Americans are equally responsible for the actions of their govt which is busy creating Palestines all across the globe.

Terror strikes or Collateral damage?

The New York blast is a terror attack: because when the US govt declares war on a nation the only morality expected from the enemy is to stand in line and get bombed right?
This country has been at war for the last I don’t know how many years and still has the audacity to call the collateral damage of war as “terror strikes.”
These people were celebrating bombings of innocent civilians in Syria, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Vietnam, how fucking dare they call the reactions of war as terror attacks? How does it feels to live under the same conditions your country has been creating in the east for years?
So before bashing Syria or Iraq go study Newton’s third law of motion!


The JNU students decided to have a discourse on why people like Afzal turn towards extremism and it becomes an act of sedition!! Well if you’re really a nationalist and not just some right wing prick then where was this outrage when the RSS pigs were constructing temples for Godse who too was executed by the same judiciary?? Why no one’s nationalism kicked in when for the last seven decades these Hindu terrorists have been disrespecting Gandhi, proudly boasting their involvement in his assassination, rejecting the National flag and being hostile to the very idea of constitution and democracy??
Did it ever cross your minds that you people should come up with sth like‪#‎ShutDownRSS‬?? Because if it didn’t then your outrage over this event doesn’t count. And tbh we do not need any certificate of nationalism from the traitors of RSS or its supporters. Why is being skeptical about Godse’s crime okay but talking about the hanging of Afzal sedition??
Many human rights group want capital punishment to be abolished so are they anti national?? Many people are skeptical of Afzal and yakub’s hanging are they all anti national?? Many people want the war crimes of Indian army to be investigated does that make them anti national?? Kashmiris want AFSPA to be removed and troops withdrawn from Kashmir does that makes them anti national?? Is every Kashmiri anti-national??
Does placing the humanity above Govt makes you anti national?? When did freedom of expression became sedition? All these fanatics, these politicians, these fundamentalists, these bhakts, these jingoists simply afraid of a handful of students armed with nothing but ideas about democracy and freedom?? Truth lies with the dissents not the crowd!! No society can flourish without an unrestricted exchange of ideas! Afterall what’s the use of having a University if it doesn’t allow the critical analysis of the common conscience of the society.
Whom are these people trying to follow? Is it US or China or just Pakistan and Taliban??

Bangladesh and Baluchistan

In 1947 the mullahs and nawabs of UP, CP, Bengal and Delhi created a fake state called Pakistan. They created it by impoing a linguistic imperialism of the Urdu culture on Punjab on Sindh on Baluchistan and on Bangladesh.
It was one of the first and legitimized model of what we now call the “Islamic state” that massacred 3 Mn of it’s own bangla speaking subjects and committed a genocidal rape of 400K bangla women. This monstrous military establishment is now committing the same sort of genocide in it’s own province of Baluchistan!
The world did nothing then the world will do nothing now! That’s the sort of leverage you get when you’re a client nation of the US. I see so many hypocrite mullas who’s heart swell with grief witnessing the atrocities committed by Israel and India in Palestine and Kashmir. These same clowns would take a vow of silence when it comes to the war crimes of Pakistan inflicted upon their fellow Muslim brothers! Most probably because it’s an Islamic state? Just like the ISIS???

Liberate Syria but let Syrian die!

The US govt devastated Iraq and Syria in the name of ‘liberating’ the masses from the tyrannical regimes of Saddam and Assad so whats stopping them to help the refugees created by the wars they started?

Basically these refugees are the same people whom the US establishment loved sooooo much that they sacrificed their own people to fight an alien war in an alien land for an alien cause!

Hope the honkys of America who are openly showing their disgust for the Syrian refugees understand that those frightened children aren’t coming to that stolen land for some vacation!


Today is the day when we are supposed to remember all those ‘worthy’ victims of the falling towers whose death must be mourned because they weren’t killed by the Nazis of NATO. 9/11 seems to be a symbol of acute discrimination clearly dictating the world that whose death should be mourned and whose shouldn’t. It’s being deliberately shoved into our throats via media and propaganda machinery to believe that 9/11 was the most heinous assault against humanity that could have ever taken place because we are never shown the video footage of how bravely those Nazi pawns of NATO exterminate an entire generation and raze entire countries. We will never know how brutal an ethnic cleansing can be because we are only given figures, death of a millions is just statistics.
After all we never heard of any memorial day dedicated towards the remembrance of thirty thousand Afghans, One and a half million Iraqis, twenty five thousand Syrians and many more who were butchered in the name the so called war against terror giving 9/11 as an excuse. Conspiracy theorists believe 9/11 was an inside job and it might be true as The Nazi American Govt has a history of inflicting savageries upon its own citizens solely for manufacturing consent for another war. Considering the shrinking of Lusitania in WW I or deliberately provoking Japan in WW II or the Gulf of Tonkin incident in Vietnam one can’t completely rule out that it was yet another staged attack for starting another war. After thirteen years and four trillion dollars this massive campaign against terror achieved ISIS and a whole Islamic Caliphate which clearly indicates into whose arse the funds were being shoved.