It’s bad if you do

The thing about majoritarianism and communal fascism is that it gives no fuck about how many Kurds are being persecuted in Iran, Iraq or Turkey or how many Yemenis are being butchered by Saudi Arabia or how many Dalits and aboriginals are massacred by the Brahmanists or how many Shias and Ahmadiyyas are targeted by Sunnis in Pakistan or even how many refugees fleeing from ISIS have been turned down by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
It’s so-called humanitarian sentiments are stirred only and only when the Christian majority west invades some Islamist nation of Middle East or when Burmese deem Rohingyas stateless or when some Muslim man marries a Dalit girl or when some Islamist terrorist attack some temple/hotel or when Jews steal Palestinian lands or when army kills some militant in Kashmir and of course when EU fails to accommodate enough refugees even after sheltering millions before.
The working principle of this ideology is simple: Please allow us to quietly cleanse our kind of all impurities but if someone of other race/religion does to our people what we are already doing to them, it’s an assault on our community. 

What does independence mean?

What does independence mean to children dying in the hospital out of utter negligence?
What does independence mean to sexually assaulted women facing character assassination?
What does independence mean to aboriginals being deprived of their right to live by the state?
What does independence mean to sanitation workers dying in gutters?
What does independence mean to Dalits facing everyday discrimination? 
What does independence mean to Muslims being labeled as traitors?
What does independence mean to women still facing patriarchal oppression?
What does independence mean to 40% of the Indian population living under army occupation?
What does independence mean to 70% of the Indian population living on just $2 a day?
What does independence mean to farmers being forced to commit suicide?
What does independence mean to the North Easterns who are called Chinese and whores?
What does independence mean to South Indians subjected to racial slurs and linguistic imperialism?
And what does independence mean to the 10,000 people who die daily from starvation?

Aren’t we still with being happy that seven decades back some rich brown people secured their right to contest in elections!

Who is Hindu? 

​People who get orgasmic joy over the idea of a Hindu fascist state should at least come forward and tell us what  they really mean by the word “Hindu.” 

Because obviously for such fanatics the Keralites who worship King Bali and eat beef are not Hindus, the Dalits, the aboriginals and the OBCs are not Hindus, women who wish to do anything other than breeding children are not Hindus, the Northeasterns are not Hindus as they have a different culture, Hindus that are communists or liberals or secular or pluralistic are again not Hindus, Hindus who disagree with RSS are also not Hindus and so on and so forth. 
So, who exactly is Hindu in this cauldron of castes and ethnic groups haunted by Gods? 
Oh wait! This hocus pocus of a Hindu Rashtra is all about creating a fascist nepotistic theocracy for the rich male Brahmans! One by one, everyone else will be erased.

So before supporting this rabid idea of Hindu State please know that there is a very high probability that it might not include you! 

Fringe groups or state sponsored terrorists???

Ever since this far right Hindutva fascist govt came to power in 2014 who ate what became a bigger question that who ate how much!!
Last year the father of an air force employee was brutally lynched by a saffron terror faction over the suspicion of having consumed beef!
What’s interesting is that instead of showing any interest to nab those fanatics the state machinery showed more enthusiasm about knowing the nature of meat stored in the fridge of the victim.
It’s hilarious that it took them almost a year to find out what kind of meat was stored in the fridge which not only reveals the impotency of Indian police and judicial system but also throws some light on why it takes 20 years to get justice in India!
Anyways, the apologists of Hinduta fascism will tell you these are rarest of the rare events carried out by “fringe elements.”
But what’s really scary and the matter of biggest concern is the fact that these are not fringe elements and its proof is all around us. When senior leaders of this fascist Govt openly call for a final battle against minorities by swearing to carry out such attacks all across the nation, when union ministers in the govt show open support for these savages and when politician turned saints make appeals for a Muslim free India and starting a civil war it would be foolish to assume such terror strikes are random events carried out by fringe elements!
All this simply indicates that these fanatics who carry out lynching, murders and rapes in the name of cow and the degraded Indian culture aren’t goons or fringe elements but storm troopers of the fascists in power or rather state sponsored Saffron terrorists!!
After all when a saffron terror faction openly threatens the police and state with riots and mass murders in the city if no legal action is taken against the victim’s family and those fanatics sitting in the center shamelessly say that the victim won’t have had consumed the beef alone simply shows to what extent this fascist govt supports it’s sponsored terrorists!
Frankly speaking I have never seen such kind of insane polarization in my entire life. Everyone acts insane or seems to have abandoned all reasons! Never before fascism revealed itself so shamelessly and so blatantly.
Gandhi once said I’d never kill a cow for a man just like I’d not kill a man for a cow! It’s clearly the fight between Hind Swaraj of Gandhi and Hindutva of the British stooge Savarkar. It’s a fight between those who know how to think and those who know how to hate. And its battleground will be schools, colleges, Universities and our very mind.
The choices we make today will decide the future of this country. We can either become a welfare state like any advanced nation or we can become Hindu Talibans. We can either take a giant leap towards a better world of Tagore’s poems or we can go back to the dark ages of theocracy and feudalism.
All depends on what we chose to think today!

Treason Treason!!

Using my tax money to buy weapons instead of feeding the hungry is treason!
Using my tax money to to pay the police who thrash students and women is treason!
Using my tax money to militarize Kashmir, Manipur and Red corridors is treason!
Stealing my tax money through Coal and Vyapam scams is treason!
Using my tax money to pay politicians who make anti labour laws is treason!
Wasting my tax money on yoga day and commonwealth games is treason!
Using my tax money on on IITs and IIMs who only produce future citizens of US and Germany is treason!
Wasting my tax money on a judiciary that takes 20 years to deliver justice and is too impotent to punish any rich is treason!
Using my tax money to curb liberty, self determination and free speech is treason!
Wasting my tax money in spreading mindless religious bullshit is treason!
Cutting short the education and medical budget is treason!
Stealing from the poor and giving it to the rich is treason
Incapability to provide a safe space to every citizen of the country is treason!
Using the word treason to jail the dissents is treason!

In the name of Culture

Our generous cultured Maharashtra Govt banned dance bars in the name of culture, obscenity, human dignity, drug addiction and saving family and youths; thus rendering 75K women absent livelihood.
No matter how many arguments they give to justify their move; just a single fact that they didn’t provide those women with any other alternative source of income negates them all.