All is well!

For a third world nation like India that has yet to accept its caste question, accepting xenophobia and race problem is obviously a distant dream.
Basically, this land never had any problem:
It never had any caste problem but Gandhi always remained a Baniya and Shivaji a Maratha.
It never had a race problem but somehow this entire brown country believes in quackery of fairness creams claiming to magically transform brown skin into white.
It never had a gender problem although we still have to acknowledge marital rapes and the question of honor killing.
It never had the problem of homophobia but homosexuality is criminalized.
It never had a problem of xenophobia but you can be assaulted in Bombay for simply being a North India and in Delhi for being a Northeastern.

So most probably the only pressing concern for this nation is beef and Romeo!

Xenophobia legalised

Just because you take the trouble of standing up for National anthem
Just because you salute your national flag
Just because you gratify your ego by searching for significance
in such external objects of songs and bits of coloured clothes
because you can’t find it in yourself
Just because you bash people who are deemed enemies of state
Or because you do all this simply because you were told to
since the first day of school
does not makes you a nationalist!!
It simply makes you the protagonist of the most blatant
most inhumane and the most accepted form of xenophobia and racism!
And a party to all savageries
Inflicted upon humanity in it’s name! 
And you wonder why nationalism is
the last refuge of scoundrels??